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It’s been a rough week. Loki’s been having some issues with his back feet (licking non-stop, pretty much) for a few months. Then, it got way, way worse and they were raw. I put on the “cone of shame” in an effort to stop the licking. Which he did… and then his chin got raw and infected. Then, when I checked his ears yesterday, they were absolutely horrid. Yay, seasonal allergies.

So we went to the vet today, he got drugged, and he’s on steroids and antibiotics for the next two weeks. He won’t be able to go to agility class this week, but I’m going to go without him and just observe. I don’t think missing one class will set us back too much, especially considering that he picks up on things so quickly.

On a good note, I signed up for the next level of agility classes, and that starts in late October. Next week I’ll be back assisting the puppy/CGC/puppy confidence classes, huzzah!

Gambit’s doing fine, but I haven’t been training anything with her lately. She’s just such a great house dog.

Bonus Gambit tongue video.

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Ash. (On Kodak 200) (x)

Best dog.

BEAUTIFUL DOG. That prong collar is on WAY to loose. Just so whoever owns that dog knows, it should be tight enough to where it is secure on the neck and won’t slide around too much.

Or try a front-clip harness! My dogs never go on a leash without their front-clips. :)

Loki’s class yesterday went well! I need to work on keeping my arm out instead of tucking it in like a doofus. Loki did a bigger tippy board like it was nbd. He needs to work on not knocking over jumps.

Today, we introduced the chute. Loki took to it like a champ. Not even scared a little. We’ve also been working on lead changes the past couple of weeks. He’s actually much better than I am in that regard. I have a lot of work to do! The instructor said I would get to start doing distance work next week, which I’m really looking forward to. It’s going to help us so much once we get out on a real course (as opposed to the tiny room where we’re running right now).

We did a small course during class today, which consisted of the following obstacles. There was one lead change (optional, at the very end, which I screwed up the first time, hah).

Pre-agility with Loki

Loki did absolutely amazing, just like I thought he would. He actually exceeded my high expectations. This is what we worked on in class today:

  • Figure 8 through the legs
  • Bow
  • 360° left
  • Back up
  • Following my hand

At the end of class, we did a five-obstacle course:

  • Jump chute (3 jumps)
  • Tunnel
  • Table (+ switch sides)
  • Tunnel
  • Jump chute (same 3 jumps)

Loki did the course like a champ!

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Went rock climbing today!

Loki's Pre-agility Homework

This week, we’re working on:

  • Bang it! Knock over plastic cups so they make a loud noise.
  • Here! Follow my hand.
  • Mark! Touch a target (paw and/or nose).
  • Wait! Stay there, but get ready for another command (start-line stay).

We did some practice with bang-it tonight, but Loki was having some issues figuring out what he was supposed to do. The hour at the dog park might have made him a little too tired, heh.

Play fullscreen

Just some things we’re working on!


I forgot I was trying to keep track of dog progress here! Here are some updates.


I decided agility probably isn’t the best thing for her. Even after a full class, she was afraid of most of the obstacles, and the whole thing was stressing her out. We did complete the course, but she did not pass pre-agility. We took a recall class, so that has improved a whole bunch. I may toss her into a rally obedience class, provided I can fit it into my schedule.


We finished puppy confidence, canine good citizen, and distraction proofing, yahoo! He earned his CGC a few months ago, and he’s been doing really well. Pre-agility with him starts next weekend (the 16th). He still has problems in the house with Gambit, but they’re slowly getting better. He’s a rockstar at tricks and he’s become my demo dog… which leads me to:

Training assistant

After Loki’s CGC class, the instructor asked me to come on as a teaching assistant. I get paid in hours, which can be used to take more classes. (Free classes? Hell yeah!) I’m really enjoying teaching other people how to train their dogs, and it’s given Loki a chance to be a good boy in front of a lot of different dog+people teams.

Pre-agility: Week 1

Whew! This class was pretty stressful (for me and the dog). I kinda felt like I was being rushed around to the different stations. Gambit’s recall is absolutely terrible, and her being terrified of everything definitely doesn’t help. I’m pretty sure the other dog that was there was aggressive or something, since it seemed like she wouldn’t let her dog near Gambit at all.

We did work on the ladder, which Gambit did well on. Like most things, she was fearful at first. She was pretty bad at the chained jumps, but I think she showed improvement. Weirdly enough, she did awesome with the tunnel, and I thought that was going to be one of her most difficult obstacles. The tire, on the other hand… I couldn’t really get her to go near it by the end of the night. She did do really well with the table, though.

Obviously, she needs a lot of work. Her recall is still in the shitter, but my trainer said it’s likely because she’s so afraid of everything. So now I gotta recruit somebody to help me with it, oi.

Pre-agility Orientation

I went to Gambit’s orientation tonight. I AM SO EXCITE.

In six weeks, we are going to be running a full (baby) course! There’s only one other person in the class, too, so it’s going to be extra awesome and I’ll get a lot of one-on-one time. And actually, next week, the other student won’t be there, so I’m going to get a full hour of private training, huzzah!

Gambit and her new toy.

I think I also found a toy that will keep Loki out of Gambit’s hair for a little while, so that’s awesome. I also got Gambit a new toy because whatever, she needs one that Loki isn’t allowed to have.

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Loki turned 9 months old today!

Puppy confidence: Week 1

I’m going to try and keep up with the progress of the dogs on here so I can look back and see how terrible they were once upon a time (hah).

Loki actually did really well at his class tonight. His eyes were on me pretty much the whole time, he ignored the other dogs for the most part, and even though his stay was a little bit crap at first, he did eventually get to the point where I could back away about 20 feet, wait 10-20 seconds, and return without him getting up. Overall: awesome.

Unrelated to puppy class, but Gambit would not come to me at the dog park. At all. I’m going to stop taking her there until she has a better recall. I can’t be chasing her around for 30 minutes in below-freezing weather, ugh. I’m going to have to start feeding her all her meals as treats, because this not-coming-when-called nonsense has to stop. I already changed the word from “come” to “front,” since I heard that could help. We’re basically starting from square one. It’s so frustrating, and I really hope that she behaves well enough for her class in a couple of weeks.

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I made weave poles!

Loki pretty much immediately took to them. We did three 15-minute sessions, and he was going pretty fast with them pretty close together by the end of the first night. Totally natural for him, haha.

Gambit was terrified of them, but I managed to get her to go through with a leash and boiled chicken without her tail between her legs, so that’s an accomplishment! I think agility is going to help her confidence a whole heck of a lot. It’s more clear to me now how terrified of everything she is. :(

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We went hiking! I made Loki wear a backpack with a can of beans in each side. After that, we went to the flea market where he was an excellent gentleman.

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Danky never did get his spotlight in the Kong family. LOL


Sanic the Hoodgebob?

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